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 Chiot Manchester Puppy!

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Nous espérons que vous appréciez de parcourir notre site Web dédié au Terrier de Manchester et que vous y trouverez beaucoup d'informations utiles.

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We hope you enjoy browsing on our Web site on the Manchester Terrier and that you will find lots of useful information .

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Beauceron (Shepherd of Beauce), although almost unknown outside France, has a long story. The most recent antecedent recorded, dates of a the Renaissance manuscript of 1578. This big dog with short hair, with cut and erect ears, and a long tail, was originally breed to gather large herds of sheep. in France.

The Beauceron counts among the oldest French breed and has certainly a common origin with the various sheppard breed .The Beauceron is of lupoid type and the naturalists of the XVIIIe century: Buffon, Linné, Civuer, just as the zootechnicians of XlXe century: Cornevin, Pierre Mégnin, Paul Dechambre etc. estimated that it comes down from an extremely old stock that the paleontologists disignated under the name of Chien of Tourbières (Canis familiaris palustris) whose vestiges were, in particular, discovered in the lake stations of the French Jura.  It would be false to believe that this Chien of Tourbièresresembled physically the current Beauceron or of all other sheppard dog.

representatives.In 1809, the abbot Rosier speaks about two breed of sheppard dogs, one is the mâtin and the other a dog of the plain.In 1863, with the first dog show organized in Paris by the Imperial Company of Acclimation for the World Fair occation, which 13 dogs appeared with erect ears, with black and tan coloured fur, which were well of the lupoïd type. Without any doubt, it was the first official appearance of what was to become the Beauceron.  In 1896, two of these men created a breed: the veterinary surgeon Pierre Mégnin, already responsible in 1888 for the label "Beauceron", and Emmanuel Ball, Breeder.Therefore in 1896, was fixed the standards for two french sheppard dogs: The Briard and the Beauceron. To give them a name, one referred to the french provinces. But by a sheer fluke, none of these two dogs is originated from the province of which it carries the name.

In 1897, Emmanuel Boulet created the French Club of Sheppards. 1911 was the birth of the Club of the friends of the Beauceron1914 at 1918: The Beauceron, on the hairy sides, plays the sentinels, the patrol dogs, the attack dog and draft dog.1921: Paul Dechambre writes a new standard. This last is still into force today .