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 Chiot Manchester Puppy!

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The Berger de Beauce, Beauceron or better known as the Bas-Rouge (Red-Sock) is basically a sheepdog who is stoutly built, robust and hardy, with a keen temperament, allowing him to stand up to large herd animals.  


A bit longer than tall in stature, the Beauceron is solidly built but must never appear heavy.  The male's ideal height at the shoulders is 26½ inches, whereas the female should measure 25½ inches.  The spine should almost be parallel to the ground with a straight back and broad back.  The undocked tail, lightly feathered underneath with a hooked ''J'' type tip should hang down to hock level.


Two coat colors are recognized: black and rust (Bas-rouge) and the Harlequin (grey, black and fawn).


  This short-haired sheepdog, which has distinctive double dewclaws on the hind feet, is an accomplished athlete, comfortable in both the country and the city.  Delightful and protective with his family, he can be a formidable guard dog.  However, one must not forget that the Beauceron is a dog who will work as a colleague but will never be submissive.  Because or this trait, rigorous training is advised. 


A distinctive double dewclaws on the hind feet. 


 The Berger de Beauce is the ideal example of the perfectly proportioned normal medium dog.   It belongs in France's group 1, i.e. a sheepdog with endurance as its primary quality. The Beauceron proves to be a patient dog that is protective of children.  With them, he may be hampered by his well-appreciated seriousness and energy, but he will always epitomize dependability at its finest.