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 Chiot Manchester Puppy!

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Long before the arrival of Dog Shows, there existed in England the Black and Tan Terriers, not as graceful and sturdier than those seen today. These earlier dogs had markings , neither on their toes not above the eyebrows.   However, healthy, courageous and useful. They were accomplished rat killers, both in the arena and along waterways.  As a matter of fact, they were not valued for their form or breed but only for the number of rats they killed.  It is well known that in 1848, at the Queen's Hotel Tavern in London, a Toy Manchester Terrier (TMT) by the name of Tiny, weighing five and a half pounds, held the record by killing 300 rats in 54 seconds. 

England Manchester region was recognized as the center for two types of events called The Poor Man's Sports which included the killing of rats and the rabbit chase. An amateur named John Hulme got the idea to breed one type of dog, which would be proficient in both events. He bred a Whippet bitch with the famous rat killer, which explains the curved back rarely seen in a terrier; the dogs produced from this union proved to be very useful. Other amateurs imitated Mr Hulme's doings and that is how the Manchester Terrier breed was born.

 In the middle of the 19th century, the breed suffered a temporary setback.  It is said that the breeders were more concerned with the dogs small stature than the rigor of the breed.  Fortunately, these were enough caring breeders who corrected this problem. Today, the Toy Manchester Terrier is small, not weighing more than 12 pounds, courageous and spirited. Its coat is soft, short and shiny, jet black with particular markings of a rich mahogany color. Its ears are natural (not cropped), and stand erect high atop the head. The Toy Manchester Terrier readily adapts itself to any environment and conveniently fits in the smallest appartment. 

No other breed is superior to the Manchester as an intelligent and impish companion. It has a purebred demeanour not seen in any other dog. Its jaunty head, soft expression, brilliant coat, tapered tail as well as its intelligent and bright appearance have a tendency to command attention; this clean, shorthaired dog will open doors which are left closed to its longhaired cousins. 

Most importantly, the Manchester comes in two varieties : The Standard, a medium sized dog weighing at least 12 pounds and no more than 22 pounds, and the Toy who weighs no more than 12 pounds or less. All in all, the Manchester Terrier proves to be an alert guard dog and a loyal family companion who needs minimum exercise and upkeep.