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 Chiot Manchester Puppy!

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Nous espérons que vous appréciez de parcourir notre site Web dédié au Terrier de Manchester et que vous y trouverez beaucoup d'informations utiles.

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Welcome on NANROX website! 

We hope you enjoy browsing on our Web site on the Manchester Terrier and that you will find lots of useful information .

NANcy & ROXanne

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Toy Manchester Terrier 

HEAD:   Long, narrow, tight skinned, almost flat, with a slight indentation up the forehead, slightly wedge shaped, tapering to the nose, with no visible check muscles, and well filled up under the eyes level in mouth, with tight lipped jaws. 

EYES:   Small, bright, sparkling, and as near black as possible, set moderately close together, oblong in shape, slanting upwards on the outside, they should neigher protrude nor sink in the skull.

NOSE:  Black

EARS:   Of moderate size, set well up on the skull and rather close together, thin moderately narrow at base, with pointed tips naturally erect carriage.  Wide, flaring, blunt tipped or "bell" ears are a serious fault; cropped or cutted ears shall disqualify.  NOTE : Disqualification for cropped ears shall apply only to dogs whelped after october 11, 1938.

NECK AND SHOULDERS :   The neck should be of moderate length, slim and graceful; becoming larger as it approaches and blends smoothly with the sloping shoulders, free from throatiness; slightly arched from the occiput.

CHEST:   Narrow between the legs; deep in the brisket.

BODY :   Moderately short, with robust loins, ribs well sprung out behind the shoulders; back sligtly arched at the loin, and falling again to the joining of the tail to the same height as the shoulder.

LEGS :   Forelegs straight and well under body.  Hind legs should not turn in or out as viewed from rear, carried back; hocks will let down.

 FEET :   Compact, will arched, with jet black nails, the two middle toes in the front feet rather longer than the others; the hind feet shaped like those of a cat.

TAIL :   Moderately short, and set on where the arch of the back ends; thick where it joins the body tapering to a point; not carried higher than the back.

COAT:   Smooth, short, thick, dense, close and gloxy; not soft. 

COLOR :  Jet black and rich mahogany tan, which should not run or blend into each other but meet abruptly, forming clear well-defined lines of color division.  A Small tan spot over each eye, a very small tan spot on each cheek; the lips of the upper and lower jaws should be tanned, extending under the throat, ending in the shape of the letter V; the inside of the ears partly tanned.  Tan spots, called rosettes on each side of the chest above the front legs, more pronounced in puppies than adults.  There should be a distinct black "pencilmark" parch on the front of each foreleg between the pastern and the knee.  Tan on the hind legs should continue from the pencilling on the feet up the inside of the legs to a little below the stifle joint; the outside of the hind legs to be black.  There should be tan under the tail and on the vent, but only of such size as to be covered by the tail. White in any part of the coat is a serious fault, and shall disqualify whenever the white shall from a patch or stripe measuring as much as one-half inch in its longest dimension. 

WEIGHT :   Not exceeding twelve pounds (5,3 kilograms).  All dogs weighing more than 12 pounds (5,3 kilograms) shall be disqualified.